What is AFR?

Automated Facial Recognition is software that can automatically detect faces in an image or video and compare with a database of facial images.

Operationally it used to:

  • Match real time CCTV to a watch list of persons of interest and alert when detected and:

  • Compare a crime scene image (e.g. CCTV still) to a large database of images such as a custody set of images.




AFR can not be used to identify persons unless they are in a watchlist.

We are able to deploy AFR at the biggest events across South Wales.

AFR greatly assists us by allowing resources to be deployed elsewhere in protecting our communities.

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How AFR works

AFR is made up of two parts, Identify & Locate. Which work together to help search for people.

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AFR Identify is ‘Slow-time’ application of AFR technology, comparing still images of unknown suspects and persons of interest , against a custody database of circa 500,000 people, and returning up to 200 results.

Prior to AFR Identify identification of a suspect typically took two weeks to achieve. The same result can now be achieved the same day.

  • The process combines cutting edge technology and an experienced identification officer to make a possible match.
  • Has been used to assist in the identification of hundreds of suspects across South Wales and more recently assisted in identifying the most vulnerable in our communities.
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AFR Locate is ‘Live-time’ deployment of AFR technology, which compares live camera feeds of faces against a predetermined watchlist in order to ‘locate’ persons of interest. This generates possible matches that are reviewed by the operator(s).

  • Faces that are not matched against the watchlist are not remembered or kept.
  • Watchlists are unique for each deployment.
  • People not featured in a watchlist can't be identified.



Upcoming Deployment

Upcoming Deployment

The Elvis Festival




Past Deployments

Date Event Alerts Faces Seen
31.08.19 Wales v Ireland 0 0 View full details
23.08.19 Op Sceptre 1 416 View full details
17.08.19 Wales v England 14 17,688 View full details
07.07.19 Wales National Air Show 7 11,625 View full details
06.07.19 Wales National Air Show 7 21,325 View full details